While I’m on the topic, energy for the election:

” Practically all I know about the Greens is that they are anti-GE and seriously bad dancers. I entirely expected that their energy policy would consist of building wigwams, or perhaps making us wear braces instead of belts. Imagine my astonishment when I discovered that their energy policy actually makes sense. In fact, it’s so sensible from an energy engineering perspective that I have hardly anything to say about it.”

4 thoughts on “While I’m on the topic, energy for the election:”

  1. I was just reading this earlier and having an informed giggle. Quite a good summary, and exposed some of the seriously wierd things that policy-speak encourages people to say.

  2. It’s an excellent piece.

    And his points via-a-vis ACT and United Future. The party of economic rationalism apparently hasn’t heard of externalities, United Future unsurpisingly prefer faith-based prognostication to actual science, and both are deeply embedded in the appalling fuckwittery of “they think it’s a good idea so we’ll do the opposite even if it is.”

    Still, the Greens would get my vote merely for being the only party to oppose importing whichever democracy-crushing idea Phil Goff has noticed the British Labour party coming up with this week.

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