With ‘s absence, there’s been a dearth of random crap each morning. So I shall volunteer. Unfortunately, coz I’m all serious and dedicated n stuff, there will be less strange amusing bollocks, and more thingky learny things

Petrol prices in NZ high? Try UK prices, $2.30

And high prices are a good thing. Well, for us smug cyclists, anyway.

Anyway, one nation has already been through its own Peak Oil. What happened to Cuba when its oil imports fell by 70%. The world didn’t end. Food became more expensive, and that’s about all.

Ah, who am I kidding, pretty picatures:

The Grand Canyon, on Mars!

Spot the real person

3 thoughts on “Petrol”

  1. Yay the Valles Marineras…When I was working at the Plane’arium I had a powerpoint lecture on Mars and there was a cool fly over of it that used to give me motion sickness.

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