My reference run goes from home in Brooklyn, along the road to Kingston, into the Tawatawa reserve and down Wharangi to Carlucci Land, up the Tip Track, along Barking Emu and Car Parks to the wind turbine, down Sawmill and Aston Fitchett and past the war memorial. 15.6 kilometres and I don’t know the height change, coz my phone gets a tad confused and today started 400 metres below sea level, but come on – Tip Track. An “honest altitude change”, to quote the Kennett brothers.

October 2015 with no training – 2.45
November 2016 three months of training – 2.15
Today – 1.55 and made it up the Tip Track without having to walk/sob/vomit

Oh hey look, if you do something regularly, you get better at it.

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