I made a thing, part 58: a 3D-printed double helix candle holder

A friend lives out in the Sounds, way out beyond where the electricity grid stops, so her lighting is solar and candles. So I made a candle holder as a birthday present.

I’d had something else made in the transparent ColorFabb filament and I liked how it looks with a light behind it, so thought I’d give that a go for a mock-up, before getting the final version printed in porcelain for heat resistance. Oliver Seiler did his usual job of a great print and it turns out that the plastic version is far enough from the flame that it doesn’t heat up at all, so the mock-up became the final thing.

And any excuse to improve my Fusion 360 skills. Turns out F360 isn’t great at drawing helices and what I thought would take five minutes to draw took five minutes to draw, after I’d spent two hours scratching me head and trying a bunch of approaches.

Anyway, here’s the design in Fusion 360 and the printable STL file will be up at Thingiverse tomorrow (new users at Thingiverse get a 24 hour probation period).

What I’d do differently next time:

    Making this smaller would make it cheaper, but then the plastic would be closer to the flame and will get hotter. How close is too close? Given the risk of the plastic creeping, melting, or burning, I’m happy with the size, but I am being fairly conservative.
    The filament is a little stringy, so this print needed a fair bit of manual finishing with all those holes. A less stringy material might work better, but then again, the ColorFabb is PETG and pretty heat resistant. So there’s a trade-off to be made, as ever.

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