What my Kiwiburn art project is not

I’m taking a break from spinning LED things and doing something else.

My Kiwiburn art project is not:

  • A drone that hovers relaxingly just above the heads of meditating people
  • The Bureau of Unerotic Discourse
  • A large-scale video display with one foot per pixel, like a literal foot
  • A trebuchet that launches hippies into the river
  • A t-shirt saying “you’ll never work this event again”
  • A robot arm that will shave only the left half of your head
  • An empty cardboard box labeled “The Tyranny of Expectations”
  • A scent
  • The Stabotron
  • A robot that assesses how sexy you are, but only to other robots and that thinks humans are just disgustingly organic
  • The best goddamn cup of tea in the world
  • An acroyoga workshop that contains no actual acroyoga learning but is focused on helping you get the perfect selfie
  • A performance piece where you ask me what my Kiwiburn art project is and I make up a bunch of lies coz I want it to be a surprise

1 thought on “What my Kiwiburn art project is not”

  1. I love the idea of A trebuchet that launches hippies into the river but I am unsure of how to link this to the next years theme “The Robots are Coming”

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