Burning Man: we survived

In short, coz back in Vegas:

Burning Man – I was aiming to survive and I succeeded. I’m told this year was particularly hard. There was lots of this:

Highlights being camp mates, surprise tackle-hugging Kiwi, the Temple of Mazu burn, the deep playa, and all the pretties. Low points being the brutal dust storms, the heat, and the wind.

As for my LED projects:

  • The Mitochondrion lasted long enough for plenty of spinning and I didn’t see a better glow staff out there. Strips slowly failed, until only one of the four was working, at which point I put it away. Lesson: rebuild the power architecture to run strips direct from the batteries, no UBECs.
  • The Too Bright Hat was still working by the end, but the battery life slowly dropped from five hours to one. Playa dust is conductive enough that the isolation from the strip power supply to ground dropped from unmeasurably high to 30k Ohms. Lesson: lacquer the traces and seal the strips.
  • LED Strip Drivers: Bombproof, except for the switches. These were not dust proof. The two drivers that sat in people’s pockets were fine;the three on people’s bikes died. Lesson: Seal against dust, even if that’s just a ziploc bag.

When I get home, I’ll do detailed write-ups of the Hat and LED strip drivers. For now, we have to wash and then fly a fair chunk around the world.

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