Random SF thoughts while I try to clarify how I feel about this place.

SF Toast 20150826_104354

We caught up with a wonderful surfer/aerial friend at some cafe down by Ocean Beach. They had toast, apparently causing everyone to blame the techies. In their defense, it was very good toast.

It was like this:

As Andrea says, “you never see that the other way around – surfers carrying their skateboards”.

Saw sand dollars and a syringe on the beach.

Caught up with another lovely friend and went to the cafe at the de Young art gallery. It is entirely clad in bronze, because someone had too much money.

SF copper 20150823_155143

On the wall of the de Young was a huge copper slab ten foot tall listing their major donors. I could try to claim this as a piece of art that asks questions about the place of Art in America, but I have enough culture shock already.

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