A request

This is a request from the old people. Can bands play at some point before 3 am? Coz by then we’d rather be in bed with a nice warm hottie.

Aside from that, its been a good week, with much stuff, several things, and only occasional nrgah.

Oh, and bands that sound like Babes in Toyland, but without the whole out-of-kilter, bout to fall over, needy, gonna mess you up, disaster swamp monster thing, are really missing the point of catastrophe chick blues. Its all about the falling over, dammit!

3 thoughts on “A request”

  1. Yes! I have the same gripe about gigs, and I’m just a young feller. Welly is even worse than Auckland for that sort of thing, if I remember rightly. I blame two things:
    i) The lack of a tube system that closes at midnight (everything seems to be over by 11:30 here in the UK, which meant that – running on NZ time when I first got here – I saw the last ten minutes of the first gig I went to here).
    ii) Alcohol. If the support band/main act/both don’t get smashed, the gig actually runs on time.

    Unfortunately, there is no solution to i) in Welly, and the only solution I know for ii) is to go to a straightedge gig. Although you can get the same experience as my solution for ii) if you hit yourself upside the head with a frying pan a couple of times, so I’m not sure it’s a good solution.

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