So I’m in the UK


So yes, its great to see certain people and there are Old Things. But the reasons why I left are still ever present. Am tempted to curl up in a ball and pretend I’m not here. Or maybe I’m just over-analysing jetlag? No, I’m fine, I just find England heartbreaking.

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    1. Re: heartbreaking?

      Long story that I don’t really have the time for right now. I love this place, or I love what it can be. But its going in totally the wrong direction, and I can’t see what I can do to change that. So I gave up. And I don’t like being defeated. Hmm… go listen to some New Model Army.

      1. Re: heartbreaking?

        ok, so d/led and listened to some NMA.. and man, now -that- could get you depressed.. real quick..

        I have this theory, that UK society is one very large scale experiment in learned helplessness… every day one is exposed to so many situations that one has zero control over.. and can really do nothing about, that eventually one conditions oneself to almost complete surrender..

        and you’re right, it’s not a pleasant thing..

        1. Re: heartbreaking?

          Bang on there, mate.

          I’m here learning about the science and innovation system. They gave us a concise guide to UK government science bodies. It was 136 pages long. A smashing chap from Dept of Trade and Industry came along to explain the schemes that they have to support entrepreneurs. They have 180 different schemes. So if you’ve an idea, who do you talk to? What scheme can help you? And how does anyone know if any of these schemes actually work? How can you assign cause and effect? You can’t. Beyond a certain level of bureaucratic complexity, it becomes a disaster zone.

          And that’s just the science system, let alone anything that has a direct effect upon people’s lives, like health, transport, the economy, the society or all the various subcultures that live in the interstitial and transient spaces.

          How can anyone understand the tangled, layered mess that is the UK? There’s sufficient history, entwined interests, pigheadedness, confusion, mediocrity and desperation that nothing can ever be done, so you might as well just give up, stop trying and accept your lot.

          Or you could move to New Zealand.

  1. Remember to breathe honey…

    It’s ok, you’re only there for a few days. You’ll be home soon and everything will be or the best. And if it makes you feel better throw things off of London Bridge. (It’s a fine old Davies tradition. They wouldn’t let us up the Eiffel Tower…Can’t imagine why….)

  2. hmmm…

    don’t breath to much it could be dangerous *grins*…

    oh and (((kiwi huggles)))

    you will be back son.. and there is lots of old stuff to look at.. cause you know you are where the history comes from..

    and and and .. hunt down the sherif for us.. cause you know we want a picture of him.. *smirks*

    *dance with me*

    1. *yaa* for shirts.

      Will be back on the 15th, physically. May get over jetlag a while after that, so exact date of return depends on how much of me you want back.

      And sadly, I’m in Sheffield, not Nottingham. The Sheriff of Sheffield doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

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