Yay! Now to chill out

That’s this term’s exam over and done with, allbeit badly. Now, it is time to chill out, do nothing, drink beer, and return to being my normal happy, easy-going self.

Except, that first I have to do:

  • aikido grading saturday
  • lots of dental work
  • house design to finish off, including such exciting things as choosing doorknobs
  • mud bricks to be made for the testing thereof
  • van to have stereo sorted, coz its still not right
  • van to have extra seat installed, which requires trip to Auckland
  • bike to fix
  • quads and calves to train for impending snowboarding
  • impending snowboarding
  • people to see, tea to be drunk
  • all the stuff that I’ve been putting off for the last three months, to be done now!

So as you can see, I will do nothing, at some point, in the undefined future.

5 thoughts on “Yay! Now to chill out”

  1. *ahem*

    On the subject of quads, calves, grading and impending snowboarding, all of these things are looming large in my future as well. I figure sumo (horse) stance is a fun and exciting way to kill lots of birds and a few lemurs with one stone.

    I would imagine that lugging mud bricks while in sumo stance would exacerbate the training aspect.

    Also, running away from dentists at high speed. Although I do not regret going to the dentist at all.

    Oh, and if you were to invite me around to lug mud bricks then you could get the tea thing out of the way too.

    1. Re: *ahem*

      horse stance is Not Fun.

      but then i think running round hills is kinda fun and would have the same effect-esp running downhill cause it works quads, calves and hamstrings AND it’s a lovely relief after all the running uphill nonsense.

      but tea is good.

      1. Re: *ahem*

        I’m going for lots of one-leg squats and calf raises, and standing sprints up hills on the bike. That really gets you the same burn in the same place on your quads as boarding does.

        And then you get the added advantage of massive oxygen debt, which is always fun.

        Though tea, afterwards, is also good.

        1. ooo squats

          that will so help.
          [i need to work on one-legged squats]
          and hill sprints on your bike = maximum HGH uptake

          don’t suppose you know how to do deadlifts properly, do you?
          I am looking for someone who knows what they are talking about to show me how to do them as i am hesitant to go just off books etc.

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