Its a little frightening when you’re googling for something utterly random1, something pops up and you think:
“hmm… looks interesting”
And then you read it and think:
“this looks familiar”
And then you remember that you wrote it, six months ago.

Anyway, have had enough of maintaining a dialoging process to enhance the ongoing strategic redefinition of the evaluative exercise2, ama going to K shortly.

1 – “FA-SIFT nz”, if you must know.
2 – yes, I’m taking the mick here, but several other people are not.

6 thoughts on “”

  1. it’s not so much a “strategic redefinition of the evaluative exercise”, but more a “two-way feedback process to incentivise stakeholder buy-in and maximise operational efficiency”

    i.e. we consult you, then do nothing.


      1. Some people here are bureaucrats, and are paid both by the word and by the syllable. They have prioritised the developmentisation of their reputational capital, don’t you know.

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