coz B3ta is good

and a cautionary tale for those of us who like to wave large sharp things around:

3 thoughts on “coz B3ta is good

  1. Kittens and Science

    Which is why you don’t get in the way of the milk…
    Just wait until the Evolutionary Team develop the Opposable Thumb Technology that will enable them to operate the tin openers. Then we’re all screwed…

    1. Re: Kittens and Science

      Sadly, a prerequisite for OTT is a DNA sequencing facility. This being a large-scale research asset, the business case for it had to be reviewed by the Ministry, who decided that they didn’t have sufficient information on market uptake to make a decision, so sent the business case off for external review, then discovered that the consultants that they had employed to do the external review had invoiced them for a figure that caused sufficent envelope stretch that they couldn’t fit into this year’s budget, hence they’ve been asked to put this on the back burner until the Ministry have their ducks in a row.

      Gaah! Must stop wonking!

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