Going native

You know that you’re going native when you find yourself at a seminar on innovation in electric fencing. And you find it really interesting.

*slaps head, goes off to drink warm beer and watch cricket*

6 thoughts on “Going native”

  1. Electric fencing? It’s better than visual because the hits are either off or on and with visual fencing there can be some grey areas with your corner judges for hits under the arms and along the waist line…

    Oh wait, you don’t mean the sport…

    Electric fencing? Reeeally…I’m sure it can be used in things other than keeping livestock out of the flower patch…

    1. Err…. I think that they were talking about exciting innovations like moveable electric fences, and cheaper electric fences. And fences that can be turned off remotely when you’re out in the Back 40, wherever that is, and electric fence controllers that tell you if your fence is broken, and where.

      Though tying you to one and seeing we can make sparks leap from all your piercings seems like an interesting party game. Well hey, now we’ve got something to try to achieve, next time we’re drunk and in a field…

      1. Where would rock.

        You can tell the fence is shorting from a break when the radio starts clicking in time to the fence. So detection’s not so hard.

        Now, not having to wander around flipping segments on and off to find out where it is would be nifty.

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