Winter, therefore tidying up

Winter’s kicked in, so I’ve switched modes into finishing things off, tidying up, and getting generally tatted down and squared away.

So, the Too Bright Hat needed a new cable. 3-pin mini-XLRs seem to be the right balance of durable, small, and able to handle 8 Amps, but finding connectors with decent cable clamps took a while. The Hat is on my head and the driver is on my belt, so there’s plenty of flex and tension on the cable. Without clamps, that stress results in:

Ended up with the REAN Neutrik ones. Of course, no-one in NZ stocks them, which is a shame as they’re good and solid.

The Hat driver had a LiPo with just a fuze for protection, along with low Voltage cut-out handled by the Teensy, which is a bit shit. Charging the battery required taking the battery out of the box because it’s also kind of crowded in there and there’s no room for a charging port:

That yellow connector is an XT-60, good for sixty Amps, making it ten times as big as needed, and that black fuze is bloody huge too. So I swapped that all out for some EC3s and a proper PCM board, freeing up lots of space. Of course, I filled it right up with banana sockets for the charge and balance connections so I can charge the battery in place.

If I can do what I want to do with the Mitochondrion Mark 5, then it’ll be pulling peaks of 50 Amps. Inside a one inch tube. Fitting all that in is going to be fun…


4 thoughts on “Winter, therefore tidying up”

  1. It snowed in Chicagoland tonight. There is maybe an inch covering Richard Feynman’s old van, which, for complicated reasons, was parked in front of Fermilab’s main today.

    So I am sad to hear that Winter’s kicked in for you already. She doesn’t seem to be done with us yet.

  2. How much did the mini-XLR’s set you back? I’m considering buying a couple to make custom headphone cables for my AKG K702 pair.

    1. They are all of five dollars each, plus postage. There’s a link to Mouser in the post for them.

      Best don’t plug your headphones into this driver box. That would be bad.

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