Pen shops in Wellington

Both my beloved Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 Extra Fine green pens are dying, consumed by my lust, or something dubious like that.

But where in town to get new ones? Whitcoulls on Lambton Q has many pens but no green, the Whitcoulls in Reading doesn’t have any Hi-Tecpoints, curse their tinsel-draped souls. The busy magazine shop at the station end of Lambton Q has a surprising variety of pens for a tiny shop, but still no green. Can anyone give me some pointers to the best pen shops in town?

6 thoughts on “Pen shops in Wellington”

  1. There’s the government office supplies place (I think that’s what they’re called) on the ground floor of Local Governemnt Building, 114 Lambton Quay. Opposite The Occidental. They have pens. *shrug*

  2. there is a general shortage of fine tipped pens.
    try buying a fountain pen with a fine tip? not happening at all.

    [i have a very nice pelikan one which SAYS it is fine but frankly not fine enough]

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