Best Kiwiburn Ever!

Picture by Peter Jennings

Very brief summary:

  • Returning to Kiwiburn, with my closest people, who’ve also been away.
  • Helping to build and light the Effigy. The Effigy crew. The resulting meat blanket.
  • New site, oh yes.
  • Finally getting the Hat Band working and out in public. Ooo… it’s shiny. It lasted three days before an expected hardware failure.
  • Being really glad I’d put a dim mode on the Hat. Otherwise no-one could look at me, coz 180 LEDs. I’m not that anti-social. Well, not always.
  • All the smiles.
  • Poking nature with a stick.
  • Cuddle piles with all the fluff.
  • Being happy enough with the durability of the Mitochondrion that I can just give it to anyone, no matter how munted.
  • Realising that I’m very happy with my life.
  • No FOMO, but a bad case of FOMP – Fear Of Missing People. I didn’t see enough of far too many people, in some cases I didn’t see them at all, but as Wendy says we were “focused on deepening connections with people I already know rather than forming a whole bunch of new ones”

There’ll be a proper write-up of the Hat Band hardware, when I’m less shattered. And some pics and video.

2 thoughts on “Best Kiwiburn Ever!”

  1. My Good God Man!

    You truly are a a flow arts engineering genius. I play C-staff with fire and have done for years. Always dismissed LED as I never personally found it as beautiful as fire. You have made me change my mind, thats for sure. I’m no engineer myself, but i’d be willing to give it a go if the end result is anything like that beast you call the mitochondrion! Do you sell these visual delights of unnatural madness atall? If so how much, and if not, could i please have a shopping list and schematics for the last stable model you produced. It would be a labour of love as i’m sure it is in your case. I am genuinely stunned.

    Tottaly understand if you dont want people copying your design and hours (probably weeks) of hard work, but if you have no objections i’d love to have a go at making a personal one. Much love and mad props.


    Viva La Rotation!

    1. Ah thanks man, I’m honoured by your words.

      I’d love to be sharing my designs but right now, these designs aren’t stable, or affordable, reliable, durable, or controllable. I’ve so much to do to get these designs ironed out and to a point where I could share them without feeling like I’m sharing all my mistakes and making life hard for people who want to make them. Coz right now, making them is a major mission.

      And then there’s the problem where I keep chasing after the technological bleeding edge and spending my time squeezing in more and more tech. If you think this is delightful, then the next generation will be head-splody.

      So thank you for your request and I’m sorry, but all I can say is that I’m working on it.

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