The UK election is turning out to be more interesting than expected1, but still pretty dull, the BBC’s UK election coverage is fantastic, and in particular, the news announcer’s2 ability to pronounce the names of constituencies like Caerphilly, Na h-Eilean an Iar, Blaenau Gwent, and Keighley, fills me with joy. And the regional accents from all over the country. Ooh, yes…


1 – the nazi scum of the British National Party doing worryingly well, but not a hope of winning any seats. Thank fvck, for once, for the first-past-the-post system.
2 – Peter Donaldson, doing this for 30 years, bless

3 thoughts on “Accents”

  1. Yes, I’ve been impressed with the pronunciation of the TV people here – contrast with the iffy te reo of some NZ news types (not that me own reo is up to scratch).

    And may I just say that John Snow from Channel 4 is the man! I doubt anyone in the history of TV has managed to ask such insightful questions of politicians, with such gravitas, while wearing such ridiculous ties. Paxman a close second – weaker on the gravitas, better on the ties.

    Yes, the BNP are Nazi scum, and they are even so callous that they used a homeless man in their party political broadcast, despite being the party least likely in the entire spectrum of British politics to actually do something to alleviate the plight of the homeless. But having now experienced the frustration of voting under the British system I’m not sure I’d thank FPP for anything. I was really irritated that I felt compelled to vote Lib Dem when I wanted to vote green, because of bloody FPP. Under a proportional system I doubt the BNP would get more than a handful of MPs in a truly enormous parliament, and electoral patterns generally show that ideologically driven parties never significantly increase or decrease their vote share, assuming the party remains scandal-free. Look at Act in NZ, which has always gotten around 7% of the party vote. Which proves, I suppose, that 7% of NZers are neo-liberal basket cases.

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