Fings wot i earned today

C20C is a subproject in ACC which is a stream in CLIVAR which is run by the WCRP which is a part of the WMO which is a body of the UN.

Damn climatologists, for doing important stuff but making it boring and incomprehensible.

5 thoughts on “Fings wot i earned today”

  1. are you sure you’re not just making up a bunch of random acronyms to impress us all with how smart you are?

    .. because, you know, we were already impressed.. no need to overdo it now.. 🙂

        1. Firefox is sluggish. Or to be precise, Opera is fast and I’ve become used to something that’s bastard fast:

          Keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, tabs, saving sessions. Yes, you can pfaff about with extensions to FF to your heart’s delight, but Opera just gets on with it. I like it so much I’ve even paid for it.

          And, being Norwegian, it comes with free lusty flaxen-haired maidens and firmly sinewed vikings. And that’s a good thing, in a piece of software.

          1. huh. well, that’s very interesting.

            I used to use Opera, years back.. but it was slow, and crashed like crazy. That pissed me off, of course, so I moved on. Firefox, I use the moox version, plus a bunch of hand tweaks (good old slashdot). I like that.

            but hmm, those speed differences really are quite serious. Might have to give Opera another look in.

            As for Norwegians, I’m a big fan, as my history will attest.

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