So I’ve just written a paper on scientists in places like AgResearch, HortResearch, ESR, etc…

And one of my points is that they have very low morals.

OOOPS! I mean very low morale.

Am I glad I got someone to check over what I wrote? Am I more glad that they are substantially less retarded than me? Do I owe someone cake?

2 thoughts on “Oops

    1. Re: Spelling mistakes

      No, we’ve actually been doing some research into this. The numbers of third-world slave-girls locked in the basements of New Zealand scientists and used for deeply disturbing genetic experimentation are quite remarkably low, compared with international norms. We can be proud that New Zealand scientists show adherence to Government standards for health and hygene of their experimental subjects, and that the number taken from the wild for this vital scientific research is thus limited, avoiding unsustainable impacts on the populations of this vital natural resource.

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