The Mitochondrion at Circulation

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Circulation is one of New Zealand’s finest little circus festivals. I got back from there last night, still covered in bruises and glitter, but I finally managed to get some video of the Mitochondrion in its native setting, helped by Nicholas Leland, Tama Bw of The Fire Bugs, Reece Dunn of Dragon Flow, Josh Smythe & myself for the spinning, JD for the dome and filming, and Ryan Walker at Spiral Technica for the live motion-tracking projection mapping. No idea where the mirrors came from, but cheers.

Tune is Will Marshall vs Youthful Implants – Use of Weapons, available at Soundcloud under a Creative Commons licence.

And thanks especially to everyone who helped put Circulation together.

  • Tatjna


    The patterns you’re making lend themselves more to fast spinning than to slow contact. Although the moving spot I’m assuming could be slowed down? Because that would look awesome spun at the same speed it’s moving.

    Also, Reece spins like the best climbers climb – as though he’s not really touching it at all. It’s mesmerising.

  • Jez

    Yeah. Right now, the patterns are just a random scatter gun of what I could think of.

    One of the goals for the Mark 5 is to get it to pick and choose patterns based on how it’s being spun and what’s going to look good. As ever, more coding and testing time required, but one of the joys of Circulation was just giving it to all sorts of people to see all the different things they could do with it.

  • Heidi

    Were the mirrors 5 very large panels that could be closed in to create a crazy mirror room? If so they’re Mr Leland’s – he had them at KB this year.

    Also nice vid šŸ™‚ wish I was there!

  • alphamatrix

    Damn this is looking great – and I love how you all spin differently; I could tell when you started spinning.

    Years away – figuratively and literally – from Mark One (

    • Jez

      Yeah, but I still need to keep my head up and my shoulders back.

      Was that really 2008? I mean, ok, we’ve built a house since then, but still. I think that one was the Mark 3.2, powered by all of 23 bytes of memory. I had no idea what I was doing.

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