The Mitochondrion Mark 5 begins…

That tiny thing is a Teensy 3.0. ARM Cortex M4.

It’s a serious step up in performance from the Arduino Nano that runs the Mark 4. Four times the program memory, eight times the variable memory, four times the clock speed and 32 bit not 8, so quite substantially more grunty.

Which is somewhat handy, as it’ll will have to look after somewhere between three and eight times as many LEDs.

2 thoughts on “The Mitochondrion Mark 5 begins…”

  1. If only as much progress was being made in improving the size:performance ratio with batteries. ;-/

    Also, your fingers are mysteriously wrinkly.

  2. Well, Mark 5 will be lithiums not nickel metal hydride, but yeah, moar power always needed, coz if current plans work out, the Mark 5 will be able to spank the batteries in fifteen minutes. It may also melt.

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