My schedule for the next few days

Now: Revise till my head bleeds
Friday, 4.30 pm: Microeconomics mid-term exam
Friday, 6 pm: Beer
Weekend: Recover from thinking too much by exercising too much
Sunday evening: Endorphin haze…

To be truthfull, this will be followed next week by:

Tuesday: Get results, beat myself on the head for not being perfect
Wednesday: Briefly convince myself that I have unrealistic expectations of my academic performance, beat myself about head for being so screwed up
Thursday: Go back to beating myself on the head for not being perfect, coz I’m far better at that than at being realistic. And practise makes perfect, you see.

I’d just like to take this moment to blame my parents.

8 thoughts on “My schedule for the next few days”

  1. Good Luck on your economics (did i spell that wright?)exam, i am sure that you will do quite well thankyou very much!! (i’m so bossy)

    and beer is always a good reward for after exams.. woot!!

    so when’s the next party at your house.. the last one was very interesting!!

      1. Re: PUNAGE WARNING!

        Oh, and enjoy your chance to show off what you know. I’d say good luck, but luck? *ahem*

        Finding out that you don’t know as much as you thought you did is good for the soul, if not the ego..

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