Still not our flat-warming

But you’re all invited!

We were going to have a big flat-warming, but decided that its too cold and the shed to crowded with stuff in boxes. So instead, this saturday, we’re having a quiet drinks night. Well, it was going to be quiet, but between us we seem to have invited about 150 people, so there may have to be much shushing. We’re hoping that people with Stern Librarian Glasses can come along, specifically for that purpose.

And we’ll have a proper flat-warming in the summer.

So 77 Wright Street, Chrisbee’s old flat, the evening of this saturday. If you can’t find it, just look for the van of yellowness.

7 thoughts on “Still not our flat-warming”

  1. Contrary to our plans the other day, I’m now driving to Auckland with Rodger over this coming weekend (then back on Monday), so we won’t be having any farewelling event for the boy.

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