We put a slack rope up in the lounge

…as you do, if you’re us.

One end fixes to the ladder mounting. I got Ullrich to make up a brace to triangulate the mount, expecting to get a separate piece to bolt in. They went and welded it all into one, so it’s really not going anywhere.

Other end goes around on of the posts, with a strop up to a bolt hanger to stop it from sliding down. I might put a bolt in lower down, to tidy this up.

And then there was some playing.

Best new toy ever, although now we have new bruises in new places. Maybe a fatter rope would be good.

Still, we’ve got a little way to go:

2 thoughts on “We put a slack rope up in the lounge”

  1. I have some thoughts about that upside down cross hang thing. But it involves handwaving and possibly allowing me to play with your new toy.

    Not that I have an ulterior motive or anything, noo….

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