Can you spot the problem?

One of the LED strips in the Mitochondrion is has a problem. Only the first third of the LEDs light up, the rest are dim. Now, finding hardware problems can take bloody forever. Poking, swearing, scratching of head. In this case, however:

Yeah, that’s a crack through the middle of the driver chip. It’s pretty easy to work out why this strip isn’t working.

Short term fix is new LED strip. Longer term, well, the driver chips are slightly wider than the aluminium strip underneath. When I drop the whole thing, the chip bangs up against the curve of the polycarbonate tube, pushing the ends down and the middle up. Thus the crack across the middle. So, some padding required for the Mark 4 to help cushion these chips. For the Mark 5, the drivers are inside the LEDs, so that should be more robust, but again, padding will be required.

1 thought on “Can you spot the problem?”

  1. I had the same problem with my led hula hoops. The best way I found to combat the battery braking the chips is by using the lpd8806 that has ic’s that run parallel.

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