Some serious shopping

Okay, okay, deep breaths, trying to remain calm.

We just bought a section*. Up in Brooklyn, down a cul-de-sac, north facing, big macrocarpa, steep, quiet, cozy. Exactly what we want and what its taken us a year to find. Currently wondering if the macrocarpa we’ll probably have to take out can be milled and used for the timber for the house.

So now we just have to finish redoing the place in Pukerua Bay, then build an eco-house in Brooklyn, with a grass roof, then we can go to parties and stagger home all mashed up at a god-awful hour of the morning without having to sit on trains full of drunken asshats.

Thus I won’t be going for a mad shop during my impending UK trip. And I will be talking to architects in jumpers. And engineers and builders and the council and lawyers and finance people and a therapist**.

* Subject to a whole pile of crap.
** Okay, my therapist is Pombagira but ain’t that true for us all.

5 thoughts on “Some serious shopping”

    1. Re: Working Saturdays

      I was meant to work today but it rained instead. Yay rain!
      I have to do 4 hours tonight, and hopefully it’ll rain tomorrow. Will you do a rain dance for me?

  1. Houses and stuff

    Yay! Houses are good.
    And the main thing I don’t miss about being a Yellowcoat is the trains full of drunken asshats…Although I do miss having people arrested. Maybe I could be a vigilante when I grow up?
    My therapists name is Jane. She wears a lot of lapis and is a very calming person. I call her Doctor Jane and miss talking to her on a regular basis. (I can’t just go and visit her, I have to have a genuine reason to go see her…Bah…)
    And it’s not like you can buy much in Nottingham anyway, besides stupid Robin Hood souvenires that were made in Korea. XP

  2. weeee.. how exciting..

    a new section with which to build a house.. *glee!!* and an eco friendly house at that…*bounces aorund*

    hmm you know what would be very cool.. and glasshouse thingy attached to the kitchen.. so it is like an extra room with growing food..?? just a thought.. teheh the grass roof however sounds divine.. i really like them. i have stayed at a place on the east coast that has a grass roof and we had breakfast on the roof.. it was grand.. *grins*

    hey are you able to come and visit me befor you go to the uk ?? if not no worries.. have fun with the jumper guys.. tehehe

    tra la la la yay for buying land.. *dances*

    1. Re: weeee.. how exciting..

      Designs all a bit possible at the mo. But lots of sunshine in winter and shade in summer.

      Will definitely have a glasshouse part for drying clothes, glass to stop the UV that trashes clothes and glass and insulation so we can leave clothes out to dry even if its raining outside.

      Grass roof will depend on the foundations, coz grass is heavy, well, the earth is, but we’re going to talk to architects and bribe them with special jumpers and see what they say.

      Not going to UK till 26 Mar, so will be about.

      Might have to go here:
      and maybe here too:

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