Random pics in lieu of actual thought

We’ve moved offices, into the space left by the relocation of one of the odd corners of the NZ government’s security apparatus. So, 1970s decor, strange fibre-optic networking, and posters on the wall like this:

Still, the view’s not too shabby, for Wellington:

Work’s internet isn’t up yet, so I’ve mostly been working from home for a couple of days:

In other news, the long hole in the ground that was going to be the retaining wall for the path is now a retaining wall. The sense of achievement isn’t really matched by the visual extent of what’s been done, but that’s coz half of it is underground:

And it appears I have a carpometacarpal boss on my wrist. This would explain the pain when doing handstands, although I don’t know if it explains the copious swelling after shovelling. Further investigations are proceeding.


5 thoughts on “Random pics in lieu of actual thought”

  1. What *is* that strange device in the first poster, anyway? I seem to vaguely remember them, but I’m not sure…

    That’s a pretty rocking work view, but an even better work-from-home view.

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