The Joy of Shoveling – this Saturday

We’re officially declaring the first room in the house is done! Yup, and it’s the smallest room.

We have also sorted out the aerial rigging, with a phuge ladder up one side of the main space, wire rope, pulleys, and generalised stuff for hanging off. We didn’t realise that the ladder and the main suspension point are close enough that the flyer and the counterweight can reach out and interact. Also, the weight difference between tieke and me is just right so that if I’m at the top of the ladder and she’s on the ground, I can jump off. She goes up, fast; I go down, slowly enough to cope with the halt at the bottom. Annabel was over from Boulder for a play:

This week the builders are building the retaining wall by the path. The path itself is bomb-proof, but the slope above is dubious and above that is the road, so I doubt the neighbours would be too chuffed if it gave way. So into this long hole will go some concrete footings, then a timber crib wall is going above, to be filled with spoil and gravel.

So if you’re free this saturday and want to experience the joy of shoveling, we can provide a shovel. (You may get your shoveling arse kicked by tieke‘s Dad, who is in his 80s and still shovels regularly.)


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