Moved in – pics from downstairs

People driving along our windy road are going slow enough to notice there’s a building site, and then that there’s an interesting house, and then that they can slow down to a crawl for a look. They all stop in the spot that gives this view:

Anyway, a few inside pics. As you can see, there’s still plenty to do, most of our gear is still in boxes, and building gear is scattered throughout the place. Most walls need either earth plaster, lime wash, or better lime wash, coz a few patches of the early stuff didn’t stick. (Minus several billion points to anyone who points out that the only photo of tieke is in the kitchen.)

Every main room needs scaffolding, a mitre saw, twenty litres of vegetable turpentine, and a tissu hanging from the ceiling:

Snug, now with extra bean bags not yet shown:

You forget just how sick most New Zealand houses make you. Our last place had been renovated, but still I’d wake up with sore sinuses every morning from the damp and mould. This place, I wake up.

8 thoughts on “Moved in – pics from downstairs

  1. Gorgeous!!! Let me know if you are doing any more work days on Sundays or in a bizarre unlikely occurrence, Mondays, where you need people for finishing bits n stuff. 🙂

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