HAUS! – Move in 3 days…

Ok, it’s looking like it’s all on track. Yesterday we managed stairs inside, electricity live, and the upstairs floor sanded and oiled. Remaining is water, gas, appliances, outside stairs, one more lockable outside door, and a whole host of other crap. Oh, and then packing and moving. Doable, but…

Anyway, pics in a hurry:


3 thoughts on “HAUS! – Move in 3 days…”

  1. Yay stairs! Took them long enough. I have work tonight from 9 (boo) so I plan on sleeping tomorrow (yay) but I can help you with things on Sunday until about 6ish if you like?

    Also, I like that you’re spelling it HAUS. Muahaha.

    1. And we’re decided that we don’t like that spelling, so we won’t be doing it again. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

      We’re fucking knackered now, but we have lighting and painted ceilings. Stairs outside just go down then stop with a cliff, so I recommend you don’t head up there tonight to walk about in the dark.

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