Counting down to moving: six days

Now we’re even more tired, but kinda just barely hanging on to being on track to move in this Sunday. We’re limewashing and trenching, and shortly to be oiling floors and building racking*, other people are wiring up, building stairs inside & out, putting in the balustrade, installing a door on the gimp cupboard, grouting & sealing, connecting up the plumbing, alarm, gas, and I don’t know what else, but that’s okay, coz I have a spreadsheet to keep track of all that.

There may be gibbering soon.

One more of the floor, coz it’s pretty:

If anyone’s free tomorrow or evenings this week, then yeah, I could indeed use a hand.

* – cheap fast racking: drill 12 mm holes 100 mm deep into the concrete walls. Hammer in 400 mm of 12 mm reinforcing bar, use spare 12 wide board for shelves and load up with whatever’s on the floor that you want on the wall.


13 thoughts on “Counting down to moving: six days”

  1. I’m ridiculously proud of the floor. And I may actually be still post-work dead tomorrow*, but I can come up after y’all finish work this week except for Thursday and Friday if you like?

    *I’m really not 25 any more…Although what time do you think you’ll finish up there tomorrow? If you’re working into the evening I could come up after I’m properly rested?

      1. Just don’t use the n-word in front of any merkins, ok?

        Don’t yet know about tomorrow, it depends upon the floor sanding guy, but can text you when I’ve an idea. Going on recent experience, I’ll be up there till I collapse.

        1. I can’t say narwhal? Goodness, what is the world coming to. And yes, definitely text me and let me know what the plan is.

          Also, cheap fast racking is something ENTIRELY different where I come from. Fnarrrrrrrrrr.

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