We move in in twelve days. Oh crap.

I’m quite tired.

But one more hour of waxing in a corner will finish the downstairs floor.

We have light switches.

Various rooms are nearly done, or at least all they need are surface finishes: floor sanding & oiling, and such like.

I’m sufficiently tired that I’ve lost grasp of the whole project, there’s just a list of tasks to be done, stretching into the future. However, that’s why we have spreadsheets, to keep track of what needs to be done, when, and by who.


19 thoughts on “We move in in twelve days. Oh crap.”

  1. I’m not sure that wringing one’s hands is helpful, I’d far rather people actually did something to reduce their emissions. Can you send some kind of sub-kilogram physical avatar to have a look around for you?

  2. Damn that’s soon, and damn, that floor looks amazing. I am currently lacking in mobility, and then there’s Kiwiburn, but I am happy to try and help at some point possibly even including this Sunday if you are doing anything, and if my body says yes.

    1. We’ve decided Sundays are an official day of rest, otherwise we just get ludicrously tired. (So I only popped up there briefly last Sunday, you know how it is…)

    1. Welll hey, we now have electrical sockets on the walls, so you can plug your hairdryers in without needing extensions cords. Ok, there’s no power tothe sockets yet, but hey, progress, ok!

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