More working on the house tomorrow

We have doors! These came from the old Trekkers Hotel, were covered in thick lead paint, but they came up a treat (courtesy of much elbow-grease from tieke). They’re rimu and pretty solid.

So we’re on to internal joinery – doors, window frames for the internal windows, skirting boards, the occasional shelf. There’s still some finishing off to do outside, then decks and another retaining wall, but it looks like a house. Plumbing and kitchen next week, along with more work on the earth floor.

There’s still plenty of earth plastering to do. We’ll be up there from 10 am tomorrow, if you want to get dirty. Oh, and weeding the roof.

And then, at some point in the not too distant future, we’ll be sitting down with a cold glass of something to look at the view of an evening:


5 thoughts on “More working on the house tomorrow”

    1. these are really cool, look like 1930’s deco, time to get some Morris and Clarenece Cliffe stylee plates reliefs to complement, why not.

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