The first green roof on a house in Wellington

So this weekend, we (meaning tieke, myself, and a veritable horde of helpers) moved nine cubic metres of soil up two storeys onto the roof, spread it, leveled it, and made a good start on the planting.

Look, there’s a Ranty Dave:

And then you spread the earth across the drainage mat on the roof. With minor complications of putting round pebbles around the edges and drains.

And that’s as far as I got with photos from the process, coz mostly we were running about, trying to keep the everything going, removing bottle-necks in the process, finding jobs for everybody, failing to provide refreshments, and trying to get some shoveling in myself. tieke has more pics from Sunday, I think.

We got all the soil done by 4 pm on Sunday, and then started on the planting. That goes much faster, I think we managed about a quarter of the two thousand plants before it got too dark to see.

Yeah, we’re pretty knackered now.

The rest of the plants will be planted over the next three evenings and then I might have to take Thursday off to get this finished. Hell, I’d like to take today off but I’m buggered I’ve got important work to do, honest.

And then after that, there’s copious watering to do.


6 thoughts on “The first green roof on a house in Wellington”

      1. If you give me detailed instructions I can get up there by 4:30 and start without you.

        Also, if there’s an existing pattern to follow, I can probably figure it out. I suggest email!

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