A week of visible progress

I’m having a week where plenty of projects are coming to fruition, Nerd Nite, the sea level rise paper, and mark 2 of the glow fans.

With the much appreciated help of several, I got the big power supply running (previous head-scratching), wired up the LED driver (MAX16836 350 mA constant current), and fired up the LEDs (Cree MC-E RGBW). This is what happens when the phone on my camera fails to cope with 60 lumens of red photons:

They are ridiculously bright. You can’t look directly at them, even from across the room. It hurts to look near them. I like.

(I’m still after a single chip that can drive all four colours in one of these LEDs, controlled off I2C, with at least a hundred chips on a single I2C bus, and PWM frequencies of 1 kHz or more, in a hand-solderable package. Yeah, I’m picky.)

The sea level rise paper resulted in a section on Close Up last night. For those not in NZ, that’s TV One’s 7 pm current affairs flagship. Admittedly, we also had the Greenhouse Policy Coalition there too (representing NZ’s big industrial emitters), but it was a reasonable piece, or as reasonable as we’re going to get in the NZ media.

So yes, lots of visible progress this week, getting things finished off and having something to show for it. Thus I’m taking today off to put my feet up (and maybe write some code).

14 thoughts on “A week of visible progress”

    1. Yeah, you really don’t want to stare at these. With the plastic collimating lenses fitted, you don’t want to glance into the beam path.

      This is how it should be. Cower away from my LEDs, puny mortals!

      1. Dear Dr Wiston,

        We are surry to inform you, that yur willfull nigligence of both the cumprehinsion and prununciation of currect New Ziland inglish leaves us no choice but to revoke your New Ziland citizinship with immidiate iffect. Please vacate the cuntry immidiately as yur wife is ingry.

        Yurs sincirly,
        New Ziland inc.

        1. I was informed on our recent overseas visit that Strine is the hardest English dialect for non-native English speakers to understand, followed closely by Nu Zild.

          Which was offered as the reason many of the natives couldn’t understand me while they could cope with others of our party who spoke Nu Zild…


  1. USB Charging

    Thought you might be interested in details of no-USB-negotiation USB charging. Seems that there’s a set of indicator voltages on the data lines that can be used to hint “I don’t speak USB, but I can give you this much power” (and Apple appear to have extended this for some of their devices for a few other outside USB spec current levels). Amongst other things there’s a link to a book chapter PDF that apparently explains how this works in the standard.

    Since putting 3V on the data lines through a resistor divider network would be much easier than designing in a USB handshaking chip just to say “give me power!” I thought this might help.


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