Gymnastics class of pain

Saturday eve, A dragged me along to a supposedly ‘beginners’ adult gynastics class. Turned out to be hardcore as fvck. Seriously loud instructor, lots of very fit and buff people there, the standard was stupidly high. And A & I were possibly the oldest people there by ten years. So bring it on, I say.

Lots and lots of warming up, stretching, running jumping bouncing hopping rolling cartwheels flippy over things where you want to use shoulders not neck coz neck can’t move now. By this point I was a gibbering wreck. Then conditioning. Sample conditioning exercise – hang from high bar, raise straight legs to hands, lower down, repeat until hip flexors Explode.

At end of this, I was a small pool of liquid on the floor. Then we started the gymnastics. Beginning with rings. I wasn’t doing this (2.5 Mb wmv), though would like to be. It wasn’t a complete disaster, trapeze helping here, though did end up hanging upside down, thinking “hmm, rings is hard and my arms need to be made from steel not flesh”.

Then vaulting. Flying through the air is so much easier when you’ve a three-foot thick mat to land on. But this is gym, so you have to be all pointy and inline and controlled, and loose snowboardy-style gets you null poins. Fun, though hard, with occasional this.

Then some pommel work, coz my arms were still loosely attached to my body.

Then home to collapse, pizza and DVD lying on bed. Then waking up for much soreness, arnica and ibuprofen.

We’re gonna do more.

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