Castlepoint trip

We wandered off for a weekend outside Wellington. Yup, apparently there’s a whole world out there.

First stop was Tinui, where there’s a pub, a church, a tennis court, and an electricity substation. Much time was sliding around in the mud and hoping over electric fences to avoid scaring day-old lambs. Whatever it was we were looking for from the top of Tinui Rock, I think we found it.

If you look carefully, there’s a rivetnz next to NZ’s first ANZAC cross.

William Edwin Lucius Sneed-fforbes-smythe is camera-shy:

Castlepoint is the only half-way safe harbour for about three hundred kilometres of seriously nasty coastline. That’s the harbour down there. Well, it’s more a lagoon and a spit of sand, but the rest of the coast is nothing but cliffs.

Roughly under the lighthouse there’s a cave running all the way through the peninsula. You can’t quite see all the way through, but there’s enough light from the other end that you can see the waves rolling into the cave. It’s primally scary.

This coast regularly gets hammered and the lagoon here isn’t well sheltered, the fishing boats are drawn up onto the beach on huge trailers.

This particular trailer was made from steel from Dorman Long, in Teeside, back in the UK. They made the steel for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, amongst others. They also got taken over in the late 60s, so either this steel is pretty old, or this trailer is pretty old.

Castlepoint itself is pretty small, in an architypal NZ coastal town kind of way. Here’s the fire station.

Anyway, much fun was had by all, “all” being the usual suspects.

13 thoughts on “Castlepoint trip”

    1. I drive the van in a steady fashion. It is, after all, a van.

      (Driving back over the Rimutakas at night, in fog and heavy rain was a mission though.)

    1. Is not too bad in winter, provided you get lucky with the weather. It was unusually still there, but I can imagine the potential for bleakness and cowering in the van with the heater going full whack.

      1. Summer means more swimming in the lagoon! (And illegal camping on top of the bluff…)

        That cave under the lighthouse – does it have to be low tide to safely access it?

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