Monthly house pics update – lots of pics this time

Houses, eh? Who’d be daft enough to try to build a whole one?

View of the house, from down in the lower paddock. tieke seemed pleased to be up there, in the sunshine and out of the muck.

Much time was sorting out the drainage in the lower paddock. Oh god, this was a job and a half. In fact, it ended up being a collaborative effort (that’s my tactful way of saying I didn’t get it all done and Kyle had to finish it).

I found buried treasure in the marsh. Sadly no Viking long-ships.

The hole slowly grew deeper and wider. By this point, getting out of the hole was a problem. It still managed to refill itself overnight. At the bottom is the pipe we needed to connect to.

Quiet detailing for the corners of the outside beams and fascia. Made from copper sheet left from old hot water cylinders.

The Doctors Weston & Knox present their Patented Portable Apparatus for the Selection and Sorting of Rounded Stones, Such as One would Fossick for on a Beach and Embed in the Tiled Floor of a Bathroom:

Sigh. Yup, it still looks like a building site.

Other house job – I’m making some copper light shades. You can get uplighters for $18 with a decent shape, but in horrible frosted glass. So, plan is to make a mould from the glass, beat reclaimed copper sheet over that, bingo, uplighters that will suit the house for less than silly money. This seems feasible, so one job last weekend was making the mound.

The neighbour’s cat didn’t help much.

Nails from wood into concrete are to hold it in place once I start hammering on it. That’s the theory, I have no idea if this will work.

Now to wait for concrete to set. This is not exciting.

The neighbour’s cat just sat there, as some cats do. (Unlike the cat who left its paw-prints in the house foundations.)

In other news, I can make LEDs turn on and I’m a sucker for lens flare. Still, haven’t got the big LEDs on, yet.

On the left we have the LED driver chip with the pad underneath, what you are supposed to connect to the heatsink on your PCB. When you haven’t got a PCB to connect it to, coz you’re just prototyping the bugger, this is a pain in the arse. Instead, here’s some copper tape as a heatsink. We’ll see if it works on not…

On the right is the MAX608 step-up converter that I’m trying to prototype. Assorted gubbins, resistors, caps, inductors, have to be less than not many millimeters or milliOhms away from the chip, or it doesn’t work. It seems the only way to get everything close enough is to make a proper printed circuit board, like you would if you were making it for real. In which case, it’s not really a prototype any more. So this one didn’t work.

And a big post on poured earth floors will be along soonish, when I’ve more pics. But it’s starting to look pretty…


5 thoughts on “Monthly house pics update – lots of pics this time”

  1. at the new custom house next to my work, they’ve closed off a slightly-less-than-ground-level carpark with sheets of polished copper perforated with holes in the outline of maple leaves. It’s a nice effect. I’m looking forward to you lights.

  2. I’m very impressed. It is looking great.

    I’m impressed that Thomas and I have managed to make a headboard/shelf for our out door bath and you guys have built a whole house!

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