After seeming ages without much feeling like there was progress, this week the house took a jump towards feeling like done. The windows finally arrived. They are reasuringly solid, to the point where I spend so much time opening and closing them, just to feel the mechanism, that I hardly took any detail pictures.

This also means we can no longer use the excuse that it’s raining and thus we don’t have to get out of bed.

So the place is nearly closed in. There’s still a couple windows more to go, and we’ll need some doors at some point, but now it’s comfortably pleasant inside. Hell, we actually have an inside, rather than just some walls and a roof. Next up is the sparkie, insulation, then gib walls, and earth plaster and floors. Oh, and another retaining wall.

Saturday was oiling, with assistance, and wearing out the diamond saw cutting chases for electrical conduit. Tip for the future – when the diamond saw starts cutting badly, the edge heats up to a bright orange, and sparks of molten steel come flying off and burn your forehead, that’s when you know that you’ve worn off all the diamond on the blade. I spent all of Sunday cutting notches in cribs with Cliff’s setup. Imagine a slot, 10 mm wide, 10 mm deep. Now cut a hundred metres of that, 50 mm at a time. There’s more to do, he sighed.


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    1. I’m pretty sure that you’ve hit it with cold iron and it didn’t go away, so is probably not.

      Also, if it was, we’d probably get into even more trouble with the council.

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