House pics for another month

Err… yeah, another month between house pics. I blame the dire weather and that we’ve been doing thoroughly non-photogenic things. Come on, shoveling gravel into holes? Here’s a picture of some flat, well-drained ground, lots of work by lots of people might have gone into it, but it doesn’t look too fancy.

Anyway, we have weatherboards:

And I’m told we have windows as of yesterday, but no pics yet.

I have been mocking up the light shades, what’s cardboard here will be recycled copper:

Hey, guess what? We’ll be working at the house tomorrow and probably sunday. Now that we have all of walls, windows, and a roof, we’ll be up there no matter what the weather. Any assistance welcome, and we’re having a competition for the amusing excuses for why you won’t be there. I’ll start with one policy analyst who this morning said “tomorrow I have to sand a boat, sunday I’ll have my lungs full of glass fibres and next weekend is right out on account of death by glass fibre inhalation”.


5 thoughts on “House pics for another month”

  1. In September I will not be able to be there as i will be a giant butterfly terrorising Shanghai. Similar situation for most of August, sorry.

    1. We will be moving in when there is an ‘r’ in the month. Or possibly some other letter. There’ll definitely be letters in the month when we move in.

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