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I’ve been a month and a day since I posted house pics, possibly because we’ve been working away round the corner behind the scaff, possibly because you don’t really need to see endless pictures of waterproof roofing membrane.

Anyway, we now have lighting! And insulation!

Though sadly that’s just the builder’s kiloWatt floods, coz we were up there in the dark, getting the insulation out of the bales so it can expand before installation. It’s yet to actually go in the walls.

We had an afternoon’s wander around with the electrician, scratching our heads, looking at the existing plans, and saying “well, that’s not going to work”. One problem with having gorgeous wooden posts and beams exposed inside is that running electrical cables gets complicated. Cables can’t go over the surface of the posts, going through is doable but hard, and we’ve posts where every wall joins another wall. Oops. Still, we have a plan.

Most of our time up there has been spent nailing weatherboards on. Half of this time has been spent up scaff:

Spot the tieke:

Endless, endless weatherboards:

It’s the walls you can’t see that are mostly done. There’s more weatherboards to go, including over the block wall just left of the front door. So the house currently looks like this:

We’ve got to the point of being able to write down the list of jobs left to do. Windows should be going in in about three-four weeks, and doors not long after, meaning we’ll have something lockable. Then plumbing and electrical, tiling, lining, plastering, painting, then HFC! we’ll have a house.

Oh, and the retaining wall above, plastering, the outside stairs (three sets), painting the block wall downstairs, planting out the green roof, and a million other things that I’ve forgotten.

Still, for now, if you sit on a sawhorse on the deck, back against the boards, looking out at the view and ignoring the smell of sawdust, you can pretend it’s all done:


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  1. It has been a beautiful process to watch, and I feel privileged to have helped in the little ways I could. All of your friends will share in your sense of pride when it is well and truly done.

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