10 magenta things, courtesy of fuvenusrs:
1) 50% duty cycle on the PWM driving the red LED, 50% duty on the PWM driving the blue LED. Bingo, magenta. (Well, in reality red LEDs tend to be much brighter than blues, so it’s more like a 30/70 split.)
2) The magenta boxes of Sultana Bran. Ideal for mixing up epoxy on.
3) The Magenta Diamond – both the performances and the tattoos. She’s off to train in Russia, last time I heard.
4) Assorted and occasional bits of tatjna‘s hair.
5) This is Magenta:

6) The magenta flowers painted onto the path we followed from Bowen Street to the Rose Garden.
7) Laser welding aluminium-lithium alloys. Above the weld pool you get a laser-driven plasma that’s far too bright to look directly at, and it changes colour depending on the alloy that you’re welding. Aluminium-lithium alloys are ridiculously high performance and give the most amazingly intense magenta.
It’s pretty much impossible to photograph or video, but it looks a little like this, but OMFG brighter, and with lasers on top:

8) I’m claiming this one for magenta:

9) And this:

10) And obviously:

In other news, house is now wrapped and will be getting the steel roof this week, on the highest part:

One of the Fannies (V1.0) is assembled and working. It needs the fabric diffuser and some tweaking of the light curves and hysterisis, but it’s working. Now to tweak for added impact, plus make three more. Fear my soldering:

And Hitler’s subtitler gets a cheap font CD off eBay:

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  1. I once wrote a story that involved a (made-up) beryllium lithium aluminum alloy I called belial. (tee hee!) I’ve never gotten to see actual Al-Li alloy, *or* actual beryllium, alas.
    Nice pictures, nice board!

    1. You can make a very interesting composite (called AlBeMet) with aluminium if you start by mixing powder of both materials and then hot-pressing. The Al and Be components each form interconnecting solid foams, it’s a kind of metal matrix composite where you’ve got two matrices and each is the reinforcement for the other.

      You end up having to either use pure aluminium or alloy the aluminium with lithium, coz most other alloying elements will diffuse away into the beryllium.

      This gets you a material that is halfway in density between Be and Al, ridiculously stiff for a given weight, and it produces toxic dust when machined. It’s used for stiff structures in satellites, and not much else.

    2. I think they showed us some beryllium fuel cans and stuff on a school trip round Harwell (UK nuke lab).

      I bet they don’t even do tours nowadays,

      1. Sure the cans weren’t magnesium or zirconium? I don’t know of anyone using beryllium for cans, though Harwell did have some one-off reactor designs.

          1. Ah, could be. Certainly Be is very transparent to neutrons (and x-rays), so gets used for sample holders, windows in vacuum chambers, and the like.

      2. I was wrong about no beryllium: I got to see one of the American Bicycle Company beryllium mountain bike frames once upon a time.
        Silly ideas in action…

        And yeah, you probably have to get someone in the house of Lords to countersign your request for a tour. One of the three major US mints is in my town, and they used to hold free tours for anyone. Now you have to get a Senator to sign off on your request — it’s as easy to get a tour of the mint as it is to get admitted to the United States Air Force Academy.

        1. Hmm. 500g of beryllium in that frame. At an LD50 of 0.5 mg/kg that’s enough to kill a thousand tonnes of rats, if you injected them with bicycle.

          It’s a good thing they encapsulate the frame, but what if some joker were to cut it with an angle grinder while trying to steal it? Contiminate the entire neighbourhood?

          1. That’s only enough to kill 50% of a thousand rats, so I wouldn’t worry.

            But seriously, yes, if you ground the entire thing to a fine powder, you’d have a prob, but a few scuff marks from a grinder isn’t going to result in that much dust. I’d be hoping they be mostly grinding on the lock, not the frame, coz two half-bikes don’t have much value to a fence.

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