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It’s all been a tad busy, with not much slowing down since well before Kiwiburn. Failed to make it to the juggling festival this weekend coz I was nailing down decking and sorting out Kiwiburn gear. I have family over from the UK arriving tomorrow, then Foocamp, then falling over some point next week. Anyone want to catch me?

Anyway. Pic post, coz my blogging is far, far behind my life.

tieke officially christened the house by hanging around decorously in what will be the main living space. This also involved playing with an aerial hammock borrowed from S*:

Making the Eye for Kiwiburn proved that jigsaws suck, and I want a plasma cutter. The design was all circular arcs, so we just clamped the jigsaw on the end of a radial arm bit of wood. This was fine, but 2 mm aluminum sheet is sufficiently flexible that we ended up having to screw the aluminium to some sacrifical ply. It all worked out right in the end though and even withstood addled hippies.

>Kiwiburn packing looked like this, before rivetnz and alphamatrix loaded up their stuff:

Kiwiburn itself mostly looked like this:

And the house is looking more like a forest by the day:

We have guys on site for the expensive job of getting all the spoil off site. Main time constraint here is how fast the conveyors can get all that soil up the hill. People who’ve attended the wood hauling days will appreciate what a bitch this job is:

Still, it’ll be worth it though. This is the view from the bedroom:


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