Lots of pics of house and projects

Big news is that one roof beam has been raised. That’s it hiding away behind all the scaff. There’ll be four, holding that part of the roof in a curved vault.

There is lots of scaff. This is the base of the trapeze space:

The house now has insides! Sort of. The upper storey floor is being laid, so the office has a ceiling. This is us nailing more joist hangers in the rain. And yet, thanks to the magic of ceilings, the rain was not falling on us. Hurrah for ceilings!

Cutting the Eye progresses. After spending this long with a jigsaw, I can only say that I want a plasma cutter.

The Fannies stack. The three boards are, from top, a four Watt step-up power supply, a three axis accelerometer, and a Picaxe and output stage. It fits into the space of one AA battery, leaving room in the box for two batteries to power the thing. Now I just need to solder, with occasional drilling of other bits.

And new batteries in the Mitochondrion seem to have solved the “only works for ten minutes” problem. However, they haven’t solved the “resets randomly if not connected to the programming cable” problem, nor has removing the serial out command. Am baffled, but it’ll do for now.

7 thoughts on “Lots of pics of house and projects

    1. To computer. Using the sertxd command in some programs can cause a restart if the computer isn’t connected, which is a bugger coz that’s what I use for outputting the debuging info. Thus I can plug it into the computer and get debugging info, or I can have the crashes that I want to debug. Not both.

      Still, something else is also causing it to reset.

  1. wicked!!!!

    That is totally cool that the house is really taking shape and so now looks like…a house! f’n brillant to have it well on the way. miss you guys annabel

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