This is what the house looks like from the road above:

No, the house with red window frames is the neighbours, you can tell from the way it’s got a roof, unlike ours. Ours is hidden down below the trees, nice and unobtrusive.

This weekend was mostly working on the posts and fighting with tarps in gales:

These are the bottom end of the posts:

As they go up two storeys, it’s all pretty chunky. And they fit on these brackets:

The top of the posts have these tenons. Big tenons:

And at the end of the day, it looks better than before:

Moving to an entirely different scale, I mocked up the circuit boards for the Fannies, to check everything fits. I’m glad I did, in two square inches of boards I found five errors. Well, three “won’t work” errors and two “could be better” tweaks. And it turns out that to make it fit, I have to overlap the boards in three dimensions, not just two. Yup, some of the high components on one board fit between high components on others.

Two of the three boards mocked up in cardboard, with real accelerometer, transistors and programming connector. Next time I’ll use solder pads for programming, but these might need a little adjustment to get the final behaviour just right:

So the electronics all fit. When turned on, it might melt, but we’ll deal with that later, mainly by going “ow, f***” and running away.

Next step, as you all know, is to make the gerbers and panelise, then get some quotes. Anyone know a board fab that’ll happily cut boards that are utterly tiny? I want fifty boards, from three designs, but the average size is two square inches so that’s a lot of cutting to be done.

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    1. Before February, so feasible.

      There’s no-one in NZ who does small orders (that I know of), so I’ll be ordering via China or Malaysia, so it’s not like the US is any further away.

      1. Want to send me the gerbers as a zip file and I can get some quotes to you? I’d be sending them to the guy up the street (Circuits West, Longmont Colorado) because he can have reasonable prices and I know he does small runs, and MyroPCB, because they generally have the best prices, and a couple other places on the off-chance they’ll come in at a remarkable price. I know you could as well but I’d be glad to put a bit of time in.

        1. Awesome. I’ve still some changes to make (and have never actually made a gerber before), so might get pre-production finished tonight, otherwise might be at the weekend.

          Thanks very much for this.

        2. So not going to happen tonight, which gives me time for a few more questions:

          Is it better to send separate gerbers or should I put everything onto a panel myself?
          And if I do that, what kerf should I leave between boards?

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