Just like last week then…

For us, this weekend was mainly digging. House pics later, but for now, tieke demonstrating the size of the holes, and the view from the kitchen window, once we’ve got a window and a kitchen”:

And progress on the other other project, involving plumbing, tiny, tiny plumbing:

Sorting these bits out took about a month of spare time. Most of that was learning what bits were available, how to specify them, then where to get them from. Assembly took about twenty minutes.

We also went hunting for toilets. I wanted to buy the Evacuator 5000, with Turbo Vortex Action! Sadly, that product only exists in my head, we may end up with a Cygnet.


5 thoughts on “Just like last week then…”

  1. I am more disturbed by the idea of a loo named after the offspring of a bird that can break your arms than I am by the turbo vortex action.

    Thus, you should invent your one.

    1. Given my track record of reliability, it’s possibly best that I use a commercial solution here.

      Then again, it’s not like OST-OF actually did any damage when it caught fire (well, caught on fire more than it is supposed to…)

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