Progress, or employing other people to do the tricky bits for us

The blockies have been and blocked, so what used to look like this:

now looks like this:

If you’re wondering why there’s a feckin huge wall there, I swear I had nothing to do with it. Turns out the workshop ceiling height is not the usual 2.2 or so metres, it’s 2.8. So unfortunately, I’m going to have room for a travelling overhead crane in the workshop. This is something I’ve always dreamed of, since I was a little child*. It’s also totally pointless, coz I’ve never made anything that I couldn’t lift with one hand**.

In further news, I discovered memory page boundaries the hard way and here’s the Tapawera Museum. It’s suprisingly good, considering it was done on a budget of five dollars and a roll of sticky tape.

* – Well, since I was about 25, when I worked in a steel foundry. There may have been travelling overhead crane hoonage.

** – It will be handy, briefly, for installing a lathe and milling machine, but the problem there will be:
a) Getting the truck down the road
b) Getting them off the truck
c) Getting them down the path
d) Then down the steps
e) Then round the corner
f) And then through the door.

So yeah, an overhead crane will really help with step (g). But what the hell, I can so I will.


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