Bricks are heavy

It was bloody freezing this weekend, so we decided to spend our time somewhere warm. Yup, outside, up at the section, but sheltered from the wind and in a major suntrap. (Who am I kidding, it was variable, occasionally only two layers were needed, occasionally five.)

We’ve had the slab poured for the workshop. Blockie is next, so we slid the blocks down the chute and stacked them ready. tieke pointed out the need for there to be no earthquakes in the next few days, so keep assorted members crossed, cheers all.


Cliff & crew have moved some of the beams up out of the gulley, courtesy of ropes, pulleys, and Mighty Mouse the 1950-something Holder tractor. These are bloody huge bits of wood, so huge that they exceeded the capability of my camera to cope. So instead I tested the new planer on the chain-saw cut surfaces. result – nice:

Oh, and there was more loading of the Mitochondrial memory with shiny patterns, snuggling at Rich’s go-away do, training, tidying, and all the little things that you do once you’re over a cold and have stuff to be getting on with.


3 thoughts on “Bricks are heavy”

  1. Ooh, it’s starting to look like something! After reading Rivet’s comment it does look like a model of some desolate apartment buildings in Pripyat or something.

    Speaking of earthquakes, I’m just waiting for the next significant quake to knock over all of my flatmate’s precariously balanced lego structures.

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