We’re ready to pour the floor slab for the workshop. For the Kiwi’s here, the white stuff in the pic is what the rest of the world calls insulation. It’s a good idea. You should get yourself some. That way your house won’t be freezing cold every morning.

Much as I’d like to be bolting machinery down to bedrock, this slab will be 100 mm thick and should prove fairly solid. Milling machine and lathe will go to the left, welding bay at the end, big bench, assorted gubbins and windows to the right.

And today’s scenic view is Te Apiti wind farm, east of Palmerston North. There is now getting on for two hundred and eighty wind turbines above the Manawatu Gorge. Yay for progress.


7 thoughts on “Progress”

    1. There’s room for something pretty substantial, and I even planned in for an extra-wide door so that something substantial can fit into there.

      You may have noticed I’m a complete machine tool snob, courtesy of working in heavy industry. I don’t think I’ve ever used anything smaller than a Bridgeport but I might start with something dinky, just to get my hand back in. Oh, and I’ll need to leave room for the laser and the sheep-shearing comb grinder.

  1. Insulation, turbines

    Out of interest, what is the (white) insulation in the picture? It looks like you’re about to pour concerete over the top of it, whereas most insulation I’ve seen available in NZ isn’t up to being covered in concrete.

    But yes, insulation and wind turbines make me happy. It’s been wonderful to walk up Mt Kaukau recently and look out at the ones in Makara.


    1. Re: Insulation, turbines

      Expanded polystyrene, 40 mm thick. It’s strong enough to walk on and can cope with having concrete poured on top.

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