Further holidays – I’m doing it wrong

Numerous pallets of concrete blocks arrived, so we shifted four hundred and fifty of them. The slight and generally imperceptable slope from the road down to the house is a good thing. It’s intended that you don’t really notice it, just that life gets a lot easier as you walk to the house. It works pretty well when wheeling your own weight of blocks down there.

So this arrived in the morning:

And they had to go here:

So we moved them.

And work on the lowest foundations continues, should be pouring next week, depending on weather:

Important lernings from my dreams:
Female guard cheetahs are scaredycats and will just run away.
Male guard cheetahs will walk up to intruders, sniff them, and then tag along, coz they were bored just standing around.
Combining a natural rock indoor climbing wall with a hot spa/river is a good thing.
If people keep wandering through your house looking for a mile-long bridge, it might be a good idea to put up a sign saying “this is not a bridge, this is a house”, coz I couldn’t tell the difference.


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